Friday, February 27, 2015

Field of Dreams

Joseph has started his very first baseball season.

Most parents are thrilled to watch their child learn and play a new sport but when you have a child with Type 1 Diabetes, it is a whole new ballgame!

We have the excitement of watching our child learn and play a new sport but we also have the added stress and pressure to learn how his body is going to react to this new physical activity.

So far baseball is causing him to have low blood sugars, which is strange because it isn't that "physical".

This is where is starts to get tricky in our world. The activity level is not the only factor. We have to account for excitement, stress, anxiety, adrenaline, and the outdoor temperature.

How on earth do you figure out those things you might ask?!? Well a simple thing called Trial and Error! We have to use our son as a human guinea pig. We have to sit back and watch and learn, testing out different regimens until we find one that works for his body, for this sport, for the current weather, and for this season.

Type 1 Diabetes steals a piece of excitement from every new experience and replaces it with stress, worry and fear.

Joseph will play sports and he will thrive, but behind the scenes there are two parents working very hard to make that safely happen!

-until next time

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Will it be enough?

Lately I feel like I am being bombarded with the news of children losing their lives to T1D complications, and a T1D diagnosis coming too late!

These fears live and thrive within my mind 24/7. I know that my child's life is fragile and can be taken at any minute, this is the reason that we have a Diabetic Alert Dog, Insulin Pump, Dexcom CGM, and Nightscout. This is why my husband and I alternate nights sleeping with Joseph and rarely leave him out of our care, but I find myself asking the question......

Will it be enough?

Will all of our hard work and vigilance be enough to save our son's life?

I am afraid that it won't! You can do everything right and have the latest technology but Type 1 Diabetes doesn't care. A blood sugar can drop too quickly and he can have seizures that cause permanent damage or he can die. Just like that, any minute of any day it can happen. The dreaded little red box that we tote everywhere, might not be enough to save his life!

As a parent, how do you cope with that? How do you not let that fear creep in when you hear the stories about these children losing their lives so suddenly?

Just putting it in god's hands and hoping and praying that he is watching over him and protecting him? Praying for a miracle cure that hasn't come in the 94 years since the discovery of insulin?

94 years and we are still waiting!

I will never stop fighting for awareness and a cure, even if it isn't a "biological" cure. I NEED something that will prevent my son from dying, that will erase that fear and the horrible complications that lurk over our heads 24/7. I don't care if it is 1 pill a day, stem cell encapsulation....anything! I will take anything!

-until next time