Friday, January 9, 2015

Cold and Flu Season

Man, this has been a rough month for our household!

The first week of December we took a family vacation to Disneyland and as usual the kids got sick....I mean, Disneyland has to be the germiest (yup it's a word LOL) place in the world. We use bottle after bottle of hand sanitizer, in line, after ride, just because and it is just never good enough to fight off the germs in kids their age! They are touching everything and putting their hands in their mouths they in turn caught a stomach bug.

We get through the stomach bug and they catch a cold.....right before Christmas! Every. Single. Year. my kids are sick at Christmas, it's almost a right of passage! So, we get them on antibiotics and get them over the cold.

Days after they are better guess what, it's time for Joseph to go back to school......cue ANOTHER cold and an ear infection for Joseph. Last night of course Ethan started symptoms!

January- sick

This is wrecking havoc on Joseph's blood sugar and has me wishing that it was just summer already!

A cold or illness is bad enough for a "normal" child, but when you throw T1D in the mix it becomes a totally different ball game. We have to worry about blood sugar levels, ketones, forcing him to eat, being up ALL night, staying hydrated and the list goes on.

I am hoping that we have now paid our Cold and Flu Season dues and the rest of the year will be smooth sailing.......there's always hope, right????

-until next time

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