Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Have you heard of the new lancing device on the d block?
As usual I research and investigate all new diabetes technology. If there is something out there that is going to make my son's life easier or less painful you better believe that I am going to find it and I am going to get my hands on it.

In one of my latest searches came across Genteel who claims that their product offers pain free lancing. Hmm pain free lancing? Is that even possible, given the fact that you still have to use a needle to draw the blood?

Well here is where their product differs from the regular lancing device. While Genteel of course uses a needle for lancing, they also use specific precision and suction to accomplish their pain free method. Their removable tips allow for depth control and the suction allows for the poke to go shallow enough so that nerves aren't being hit during lancing, yet the blood is drawn to the surface for testing.

Now, there is a definitely a learning curve that goes along with this device, but let's be often do we get blood on the first try with the normal lancing device? I find myself poking him two or three times only to find that they all were in fact deep enough to draw blood but it just didn't come to the surface fast enough, so this one just takes a little practice.

This device itself is a little larger than normal and you can actually see the needle which had Joseph completely freaked out at first. There is a large button that you push down to prime the lancet. Once primed you remove the nozzle and insert your lancet (you can see the list of compatible lancets here) , once your lancet is in place you put the nozzle back on, put the desired contact tip on the nozzle (this is how the depth is measured). Once you are ready to go make sure that your finger is covering the hole in the middle of the activation button, this is what creates the suction and that the lancing device is straight up and down. There will also a loud "pop" sound when the lancet is released, so brace yourself. Keep your finger over the hole of the activation button for about 8 seconds. You should see blood start to pool on the finger. Wait until you have the amount of blood that you need for testing before releasing the suction. Then you just test as normal. 

Joseph might get poked and prodded regularly but he certainly isn't immune to pain and he gets very scared of trying new things which I can't really blame him, but it makes stuff like this an adjustment for all involved. You can watch the video of his first reaction to testing with his new Genteel here After that first initial anxiety of the unknown, he absolutely loved it and was so proud to use it!

We are still practicing and learning all of the things that the Genteel lancing device has to offer and as Joseph grows more comfortable with using Genteel I will explore the alternative site testing as he allows. So please stay tuned for those results :) 

I will say this......there is a difference! In only 5 days of use Joseph is already choosing this lancing device over his old one. I am very pleased with the overall performance of the product and I would highly recommend that those with sore, calloused fingers or those looking to prevent that from happening that you check out this product, you won't regret it!

If you decide to order a Genteel you can use the Promo Code: AP10 at check out for a $10 discount.

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