Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What diabetes?

Yesterday was J's 5th birthday! I am a full believer that my child should not suffer or miss out on anything because he has Type 1 Diabetes. J makes sacrifices every day of his life, so when it comes to his birthday....all bets are off!

Yesterday, he did and ate all of his favorite things! He ate powdered donuts for breakfast, a cupcake for his class celebration, ice cream parlor lunch and treat, played outside for hours and then we took him to his favorite place for dinner John's Incredible Pizza! (similar to Chuck E. Cheese but better) It was a day full of carbohydrate guessing but we nailed it and only had two minor BG issues all day (One Low and One High)!

We don't normally cram all of those "treats" into one day, not because he is a diabetic but because no child needs that much sugar on a regular basis! However, you're only 5 once and to that I say.....What Diabetes? He can have whatever he wants and we will take the steps needed to prepare and plan for it.

This approach might not be for everyone but for those who aren't as familiar with this disease, Type 1 Diabetics CAN eat sugar. They don't have to eat sugar free foods. Sugar Free does NOT mean Carb Free! Type 1 Diabetics do not count sugar to dose insulin, they count carbohydrates, and if you read the labels on "sugar free" foods you will quickly realize that most have more carbs than their regular counter parts and are crammed full of artificial sweeteners and chemicals. Now, I will say sugary foods will spike his blood sugar, but with proper planning it isn't a problem and it will not harm him in any way to have a small spike for a short period of time.

It is important for me as a parent to teach him to properly care for himself. If I single him out and don't allow him to be a kid, then he will only act out and rebel against his diabetes as he grows. The last thing that I want is for my child to feel like he has to sneak sugar and or lying about it because he doesn't want to get into trouble! Just like everything in life, you eat it in moderation and you give yourself the insulin for it!  
He is and always will be, a kid first!

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