Thursday, May 1, 2014

Welcome to Louisville

Yesterday we started our two leg travel to Louisville Kentucky. When we arrived at the airport we checked our bags and I realized I had lost my cell phone somewhere between the car and the airline check in counter......cue panic mode!! Not only because my phone is new but ALL of my videos and pictures of the kids are on it! After re-tracing our steps both by me and by Anthony, I had almost lost hope that it was found and turned in. I was on the phone with the airport lost and found when I saw Anthony signaling to me..... by the grace of god a police officer patrolling the parking garage found it and returned Anthony's calls he had been making to my phone! We were able to retrieve it from him just in the nick of time! WHEW!!

Then came security! This is always a fiasco and although we are seasoned veterans in traveling with children, each airport and TSA employee does things differently. This time, I told them our son had an insulin pump and CGM so we were pulled to the side and had to wait until they got a person who knew how to handle the situation. After they sent us through, they swabbed J's hands and tested the swab for chemicals. This is the first time we have ever experienced this and we have taken a few flights since starting on the pump. They also pulled the supply bag out of the X-ray machine to search it (standard procedure) I have all of his supplies in a clear small plastic duffel bag so it is easy for them to see the contents. This time (another first) I was told that we had prescriptions that could not be opened so they needed to do a pat down search and test on me. I complied as I'm just there to make it through this journey as smoothly as possible. After my pat down and clearance, they took a boarding pass so they could put it in the system and have record of it (another first).

We ate lunch and boarded our first flight. J's BGs stayed pretty stable during the flight and he only needed one correction for a high while he was sleeping.

During the layover for our last flight his CGM alerted, we needed to change the sensor. We decided that since it takes about 2 hours to calibrate that we would just go ahead and do it there at the airport so it would be finished calibrating by the time we landed in Louisville.  We took him to the family restroom and did the change lickity split. Then it was off to board the plane.

This was a very short flight thankfully, but J's blood sugars were pretty high. We needed to do a POD change as well, but wanted to wait until we got to the hotel. Changing a pod can pose problems if we happen to get a bad site, so it just wasn't worth the risk since we didn't have the CGM to tell us what was going on.

We arrived at the hotel about 12:30am Kentucky time. Unpacked our stuff, changed the kids clothes and got ready for the pod change. We changed his pod and gave him the correction needed to bring his BG back down and changed the time on his pump to make sure all basal's and boluses were being given at the correct time of day. We all finally crawled into bed about 2 am Kentucky time!!!!!

It was my night for D-Duty and thankfully his BG came back down into range pretty quickly. He did need a juice box for a little BG boost but thankfully he never dropped low!

Today we just took it easy and rebooted for the start of the festivities tomorrow!

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