Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Binders Binders Everywhere

As I have mentioned in my About Me post I am an organizer by nature, and binders are one of my many obsessions!

I have a Home binder with lists of all of our contractor's information, appliance information, warranties etc.

I have a Family binder that has our Passports, SS cards, insurance documents, memory cards, etc.

So......it's only natural for me to have Diabetes binders :)

I have a Day to Day diabetes binder that holds blood sugar logs, nutritional information for take out restaurants, a dry erase page to be able to log his food/carbs for meal calculations, a place for us to write questions and put our Pump and CGM data downloads to take along for Endocrinologist and PENS Clinic visits.

As if all of these binders aren't proof enough of my Type A Personality, I have again taken it to the next level and am in the process of compiling a set of binders for not only our home but also the homes of our immediate family that J visits. This is my attempt to get our family familiar and comfortable with J's care when we are not present.
These binders have the following sections:

Instructions- I have written step by step instructions for the use of J's OmniPod and Dexcom CGM
Warning Signs- I have printouts of the symptoms of Hyperglycemia (High Blood Sugar) and Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)
Exercise- I have printouts that describe blood sugar ranges for safe exercise, how exercise effects blood sugar, how often to check blood sugar during play and when it is necessary to give snacks to keep a stable blood sugar.
Ketones- In a rare case that we will be away from J for an extended period of time (highly unlikely to happen since it didn't even before diabetes) I have included information on Ketones and how to treat them.
Emergency Glucagon- This is that dreadful little red kit that will save J's life in the event of a severe Low Blood Sugar. Although, there is a phone app available and instructions in the kit, I have also printed out step by step instructions for easy reference, god forbid they are ever needed.

If you're not an organizer by nature, I urge you to give this a shot and see how easy and time saving it truly is and if you are a fellow organizer and you have some different methods that you love and live by, please share! :)

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