Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Adventures of the Traveling Backpack

I have been drowning in checklists and packing up the house for our 10 day adventure. Packing for a vacation when you're a family of 4 is a lot, but throw diabetes in the mix and you become a traveling pharmacy!

We are no doubt avid travelers both before having children and since having the boys. We pretty much know what and how to pack for the family and I have a mental checklist stored away, but once J was diagnosed I felt the anxiety all over again.
How can you plan for the unknown? How will traveling affect his blood sugars? What happens if we have an emergency situation and he needs to be hospitalized? Are we close enough to good hospitals and doctors? What happens if we run out of supplies?
Not to mention the amount of supplies that you have to bring with you, to be prepared for any situation!

This makes us look at traveling a little differently and have a plan B and C in the back of our heads just in case the unthinkable were to happen.

Last year we took our first long vacation out of the country with diabetes and that is where
The Adventures of the Traveling Backpack was born!

As parents of a diabetic, we now have to lug around a backpack of supplies with us everywhere we go. This backpack has his Insulin Pump PDM, Low Kit, Snack Kit, Glucagon Shot, Ketone Meter and Strips, Water Bottle and anything else that we might need.

So, today as we begin our 10 day adventure, I will be documenting our travels and experiences with The Adventures of the Traveling Backpack segments.
I am hoping it will be uneventful, but being on vacation with a 4 year old, a 2 year old and Type 1 is never predictable! Stay Tuned!

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