Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Do you have "The Itch"?

J is very sensitive to the adhesive on the OmniPod and DexcomG4. Shortly after we put either device onto his skin he begins to complain that they are itching him, then once the sites come off he immediately gets a terrible rash and itches it like crazy for days! We have tried everything we can think of to stop this from happening, but just haven't found a solution......until now :)

Recently one of my favorite Dblogs six until me posted her personal experience with this same problem and how she solved it.

You simply apply this to the skin where you want your site and then you place the Dexcom or OmniPod directly on top as you normally would and you insert directly through the pad!

I figured if it worked for her, it was worth testing out on J. So, we first tried it out with the Dexcom site and amazingly enough not only did the site not itch him but it stayed adhered to the Tough Pad and his skin for the duration that the Dexcom was worn with, wait for it........NO tape needed at all! As if that wasn't amazing enough, when we changed the site....NO rash, NO itching!

We also decided to test it out under his OmniPod. I was more nervous for this one since the cannula inserts automatically. I was worried it might kink the cannula during insertion through the Tough Pad but thankfully it has had no issues at all in the three or so pod changes since testing out this method. Just like the Dexcom it stays adhered amazingly well, we have only had to use a small amount of tape (Opsite Flexifix) one time.

You can see from the picture above that the Tough Pads are the perfect size for both of these sites ensuring that no adhesive is touching the skin!

This is a total game changer for us and one less discomfort for J to endure! I am so thankful for the online diabetes community! This just proves that we can learn so much from each other, all we have to do is share our story!

*Nothing on this site should be taken as medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before making any changes to your medical care.


  1. When you use the tough pads do you add any additional adhesive on top of the pad to hold the CMG and Omnipod?

  2. no, we have had no issues with the omnipod or cgm staying adhered to the tough pad :)