Friday, July 18, 2014


The reason that I blog is not for attention nor pity to our situation and J's condition. It is simply a way for me to share our story and for people to get a glimpse of what it is like to live with and manage this disease on a daily basis. I also find that networking and sharing my story with the D-Community can be beneficial. I have gained knowledge from others, so I feel in a way that I am obligated to pay it forward. I am blessed to have amazing response and support behind my blog and other social media accounts but I am sad to say that some adult T1's don't have that same support. They are often criticized and put down for "complaining" about their condition and told to get over it and just be glad it isn't cancer!

I will never understand the people who feel the need to pass judgment onto those who are fighting a battle. Who are they to compare one condition to another? Who are they to tell someone with a life long chronic disease that they should "get over it"?

It is down right disgusting, offensive and it makes me sad that Joseph might have to face this type of treatment when he is older. This is where I feel the lack of knowledge surrounding Type 1 Diabetes skews people's perception of the disease. Although Type 2 is a very different and often self inflicted disease, I have seen first hand how devastating it can be to a person's life. Diabetes as a whole is nothing to be taken lightly.

This is why all of those Diabetes Memes talking about eating sugar and getting diabetes makes me crazy.
This is why when I say the word "diabetes" people think that my son just needs to exercise and eat healthy.
This is why I  am blamed for my son's AUTO IMMUNE disease.

This is why the ignorance needs to STOP!

Please help us spread awareness and education. If you see or hear someone posting or saying ignorant or insensitive things about diabetes PLEASE correct and educate them. Diabetics as a whole need more support and less criticism. Let's all work together and put an end to these stereotypes. 


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