Sunday, September 14, 2014


Have you heard of the newest movement in the diabetes world?
Free Diabetics Movement

This is one of the most brilliant advocacy movements that I have seen since the "No More Pricks" campaign.
The objective: A mug shot! Why a mug shot? Well because those living with Type 1 Diabetes have been sentenced to Life in Diabetes Prison.
It is simple, take your mug shot and tell the world how long it has been since you have been "FREE". The creators of the movement are going to make a video for November's Diabetes Awareness month. The cool part about this campaign is, the mug shots don't just have to be of the diabetic. You can take a mug shot for a loved one or friend living with Type 1 Diabetes and telling the world how long it has been since they've been "FREE".

Here is Joseph's Mug Shot that I posted to my social media accounts today.

Join the movement and let's start getting the awareness that Type 1 Diabetes deserves! Don't forget to post your pictures to the Facebook page listed above, as well as use the hashtag #FREEDIABETICS on your social media posts!
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