Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tomorrow isn't guaranteed......

The last week was....well, a complete disaster.

We lost a close family member to Leukemia just a few short days after his diagnosis. I had a medical procedure done to try and figure out the source of my health problems. My dad got his biopsy results from a procedure and they came back precancerous. Then on my 10 year wedding anniversary my grandfather fell off of a 7ft ladder while working in his garage and broke his hip. He went in for surgery on Friday and that began a whole new battle, as his life was in danger with low blood pressure and a high heart rate. He had a triple bypass 20 years ago and the doctors were mentioning a potential heart failure. We all prayed that wouldn't be the case and just waited for his condition to improve. Thankfully he was able to pull through (with the help of some amazing doctors) and is now on the road to recovery.

I am sure you are asking where Diabetes was this whole time?!? Well actually it sort of just became the background noise to all of this chaos. Nothing too crazy to report just the normal daily struggles.

A week like last week just reminds me that life is often taken for granted. One minute you can be here and the next is never a guarantee. Diabetes makes that a daily reality in our lives for Joseph, but I never really think about the rest of us. Just because we don't have T1D doesn't mean that we will be alive tomorrow. We need to embrace today and our loved ones because we never know what tomorrow will hold!

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