Sunday, April 13, 2014


Easter is only one week away and for a parent of a diabetic these are always stressful holidays as they are often geared around CANDY!

This week we have J's school party with an Easter egg hunt. The teacher has sent home plastic eggs with each student to be filled by the parent with something (food, candy, toys etc) and naturally most will be filled with candy. The difficult part of this is keeping track of how much has been eaten and or allowing it to be eaten in moderation when I am not present. I am hoping they will not allow the children to open the eggs until they get home but if they do then we will just have to wing the carb counting and hope for the best.

Then there's the party! Thankfully, J's school is very structured and they have a sign up sheet for each party only allowing one treat and the rest of the food is healthy. This saves us from crazy high blood sugars and being a preschool sugar is also their "frenemy" (I use the word frenemy because although sugar is our enemy, it is also something that saves J's life when he is low making it our friend, resulting in frenemy)

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I will never deprive J of the "normal" holiday experiences. They just take a little extra planning and creativity. Which brings me to Easter Basket planning.

Thankfully I was never the type of parent who allowed my children to have candy on a regular basis and to be honest my children will choose fruit over candy any day. This has made our transition into life managing diabetes easy, but makes holiday's a little tricky (Easter Baskets, Stockings, Valentines etc) I have to really think outside the box during these holiday's and use some creativity. I always include little candy treats but I have a lot of other space to fill up. This year the amazing D-Mom posted a blog about 50 Non-Candy alternatives for Easter Baskets.
I love seeing posts like this because it allows me new and creative ideas that I may have never thought about before. I wanted to share this list with everyone because if you are looking for new cute and creative ways to fill Easter Baskets (even if your children don't have diabetes) then this is a great resource for you!

If you have other ideas outside of this list or traditions that you have created then I would love for you to share :)


  1. I can't get the list to open, but I'm including headphones for the kid's leap pads, magnetic travel games (we're about to go on a few trips), a stuffed animal that they've each been wanting. I always try to make the Easter basket small stuff, but things they want and can use. Candy is very minimal and at the bottom in little plastic eggs because it's more exciting to open the eggs than just see a package of candy.

  2. Oh no! If you go to you will be able to find the post there. Great ideas I am certainly going to steal a few, thanks for sharing :)