Monday, April 7, 2014

Make A Difference

Since J's diagnosis we have jumped head first into doing our part to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes but also advocating for our son. Here are a few ways outside of this blog and my social media accounts that I am helping to make a difference!

We have become heavily involved in JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). We attend nearly every event, donate money, donate services, donate time, and I'm always trying to reach out and motivate more people to join in our fight for a cure and attend events. My husband also became a member of our local JDRF chapter Board of Director's a month after J was diagnosed.

The past year I have also been working on starting a Non-Profit Organization with my Mother In Law to provide nursing and volunteer support for schools that do not provide care to Type 1 Diabetic children. Our children deserve the best care even while they are attending school and those children, like J who don't have a nurse or trained volunteer available to them are put at risk! This is a HUGE problem and I am trying to do my part to provide a solution.

Just recently my husband and I have started another company. After J was diagnosed there is no doubt that I became an advocate by every means of the definition. My husband knows how much this cause means to me and had a custom diabetes awareness necklace made for me. I wear it every day and it is a reminder to never give up hope and to never stop bringing awareness to this disease. I have had such an amazing response to this necklace by people at diabetes events and also on my Instagram and Twitter accounts, that we decided to have it replicated and we now have them available for everyone! We decided this would be an amazing way for us to spread awareness and also an opportunity for us to donate even more to finding a cure for J and all of the other diabetics out there! We decided a portion of every sale would go to an organization fighting to find a cure!

I know that not every family has the means to donate money to help find a cure, but donating your time is just as valuable. Reaching out to your community and bringing awareness, holding a fundraiser, bake sale, organizing a school walk etc. Every dollar counts and just one dollar could be the dollar that pushes us from hope to a CURE.

I am always looking for new ideas and ways to raise awareness and I'd love to hear how you are advocating and making a difference :)

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