Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sugar Stalking 101

Today is Joseph's first day of school.

Last year, we were spoiled with a set of teachers/aides who were familiar with Diabetes care. They were so on top of everything and we never really had to worry about his safety while at school. Then, he went to summer school and he wasn't around those same set of teachers anymore. A lot of situations came up that made me afraid of what this year would hold in store for his care.

Well here we are......
A new set of teachers with no experience in Diabetes care and not only does he have a main Teacher and Aide but this year he also goes to different teachers for P.E. and Computer class.

I feel like I should be more worried, but with having CGM in the Cloud and being able to see what is happening with his blood sugars, we now have peace of mind. We don't have to be stressed or worried, wondering what is going on and if they are paying attention to his CGM and behavior. We can see it first hand, and we have the ability to make decisions as if he were home with us.

He's at school, I'm at home and Anthony is at work
We Are ALWAYS Watching!

Thank You to those who made this possible! Your brilliant minds have given us "D-Parents" the ability to Stalk Blood Sugars from anywhere at anytime! #WeAreNotWaiting

-Until Next Time

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