Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Halloween is only two days away and I have already been asked a million times if I let Joseph participate in the holiday. I feel like looking at them and saying "Why the hell wouldn't I?" but rather, I just smile and say "Yes, of course. He gets to participate the same as if he were not diabetic."

My child never over indulged in candy prior to his diagnosis, so being more cautious about how much candy he actually eats is not much of a change for him and the same goes for our non-diabetic child. They are both are subject to the same treatment, diabetes is never the reason to saying NO in this house, if it is the underlying reason, then both children are told NO and another reason is explained to them.

This is also not a holiday to offer a diabetic child "sugar free" candy. These types of candies still have carbohydrates and still require insulin, so just give them the same candy that you would give any other child (unless they have specific dietary needs of course).

If you are new to being a D-Parent, don't stress yourself out thinking that your d-child has to miss out on being a child and enjoying Halloween. Here is how we handle Trick or Treating.
Once we return home each child gets to choose two pieces of candy to eat and then their buckets get put away. For the following few days they are allowed two pieces with lunch and dinner. I strategically sort the candy for the good "low" treats and put them aside and the remainder of the candy is shipped off to work with my husband. However, this year we are going to take the remaining candy to the dentist office and they get to choose a prize and then I will take them to the store and they can pick out a new toy. No child benefits from a ton of consumed candy and my children are never deprived from treats, so they don't even miss out. Just look at this as an opportunity to start a new fun tradition and your child won't even know the difference or miss out on any of the Halloween fun.

I hope that you all have a safe and fun Halloween!

-until next time!

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