Monday, October 13, 2014

Trick or Treat?

Halloween is coming and for parents of small T1D children this poses some additional hurdles in management. I have always had the motto that Joseph gets to do things as if he were never diagnosed and Halloween is no exception. I have never allowed my children access to excessive sweets or juices even B.D. (before diabetes) so it hasn't been a difficult transition for our parenting style.

Joseph will get to participate in his school parties and trick or treating, as well as at home. He will get to choose and eat a few pieces of candy, just like I would have normally done and same goes for Ethan. Just because sugar reacts different in Joseph's body doesn't mean that he has to miss out on these childhood memories, it just takes a little pre planning to make sure that his blood sugars still stay in check and a consistency with both children. Just because Ethan doesn't have T1D doesn't give him any advantage in our household, and he will never be told he is limited because Joseph has diabetes.

Their bags of candy will be put up on a high shelf in the pantry and over the few days following Halloween, they can each choose a piece or two to have with lunch or dinner. Halloween is actually a great time to stock pile some new low treatments, so I usually sift through the candy and then ship it off to my husband's work, so I am not tempted to snack on it ;)

I found this quick reference list of carb counts for the popular snack sized Halloween Candy!

You can also find a more extensive list here with the American Diabetes Association 
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