Thursday, October 16, 2014

Never Again!

Well yesterday it happened.......our Nightscout system took a turn for the worst when our uploader phone stopped uploading data. After hours of trying to figure out what the problem was, we discovered that the phone's charging port had gone bad!

Anyone who has set up this system (we had a brilliant friend set ours up) knows that this is no easy fix! This means that we have to get a whole new phone and re-install the system to it.

This means today and probably tomorrow, we have NO Nightscout while Joseph is at school! These last few months I have had such a peace of mind being able to see his numbers and manage his diabetes from afar. Today and every day until we get a new phone set up will be filled with fear and worry for the unspeakable.

This technology is AMAZING, it is LIFE CHANGING and this is something that we should never have to live without!!!

Lesson Learned: This time around we will be buying 2 phones, that way we always have a backup in place should one go on the fritz or break because I never want to have this feeling again.

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