Friday, August 15, 2014

Just Breathe......

Last week, I was asked by Anthony from Duck Fiabetes NorCal to speak at a Lions Club International meeting. Anthony is a fellow T1D advocate, who also just happens to live with T1D himself- Super Hero Status! Anthony is fighting to get backing from our local Lions Club members to start a Diabetes Specialty Group and he has been given a forum time at this weekend's meeting. Anthony will be speaking and has also rallied some of us local D-Mom's (one being fellow D-Mom Blogger Heather from Eden's Effort) to share our stories! No Pressure! LOL

Those who know me, know I am NOT a public speaking fan. Actually, just the mere thought of it makes me want to hyperventilate, puke and pass out! Oddly enough, I am not a shy person by any means of the word. I have no problem speaking one on one with people and sharing our story. It is the getting up in front, all eyes on me that I just can't seem to get over. However, Anthony found my weak spot!

T1D Advocacy!

I feel that I owe it to my son, to step outside of my comfort zone and do whatever it takes to help spread awareness and education. I owe it to the Diabetic Community to use this platform and stand alongside of Anthony and the other D-Mom's and fight to change the course of how this disease is treated and recognized! T1D's deserve a cure just as much as any other disease and they certainly deserve the backing by organizations as large as the Lion's Club!

So for now, I am going to put on my Big Girl Panties, take a BIG deep breath and get my public speaking on!

Wish Me Luck!

-Until Next Time

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