Wednesday, August 6, 2014


CGM in the Cloud.....heard of it? It might just be a phrase that changes the entire way you manage your child's diabetes, or even your own.

An amazing group of parents put their brilliant minds together and decided that they were no longer going to wait for the medical advancements to come, they were going to figure out a way to gain remote access to their children's Dexcom CGM data in real time!

That is how #WeAreNotWaiting was born and now this is where it gets a, a lot above my head LOL

Essentially in the layest of layman terms this is how the system works:

Equipment Needed
You need to have an Android phone or tablet with a data plan that will be solely be dedicated to the CGM data transfer.

OTG cables to attach to the phone and then to the Dexcom Reciever

Lastly, someone with the knowledge or bravery to tackle the system setup.

How it works
You program a phone or tablet to read and receive the data from the Dexcom receiver via the OTG cables and then transmit that data to the "cloud" where it can then be retrieved from any device, any where, any time! This means our kids/friends/parents can be monitored while they are in another room, in another state, at a play date, sleepover, sports activity, or even at school. Simply AMAZING!!

Here is what the system looks like once it is set up.

I have also purchased the Pebble Watch and have the information streaming live to it as well!!

The Facebook group CGM in the Cloud has all of the information needed to get you set up including the software, tutorials and an open forum to help you get through any troubleshooting that you may have.

Also if you could please visit this site and send your comment to the FDA supporting “the electronic transfer or exchange of medical device data from a medical device, without altering the function or parameters of any connected devices.” For people with diabetes, loosening the regulatory process for Medical Device Data Systems might make it easier for us to see our data/information on additional screens such as our phones.

Will you join the #WeAreNotWaiting movement?
I would love to hear your comments below and if you are already a user of the system how your experience has been with it!

Until next time :)

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