Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lucky Number 7

Yesterday was Endo Day!

As always we had a great trip to the doctor! He is always so comforting and encouraging. He always picks my brain about my latest Diabetes obsession. Yesterday, it was the CGM in the Cloud ;)
We are the first in the practice to have it and he was showing it off to some of the office staff and jealous that he can't recommend it to his patients due to the lack of approval by the FDA. He told me that I needed to be on TV and make videos, to which I just laugh because I HATE public speaking! He also advised me to go back to school and become a Certified Diabetes Educator so that I could share my tips and tricks with everyone and get paid while doing it. I again laughed and said "Ya, in all of my spare time" LOL maybe one day!

Then comes the dreaded A1C results!! If I had to guess I would have said about the same as last time, queue the drum roll, loss of breath and panic attack.........
WOO HOO!!!! We dropped from an 8.2 to 7.7! This translates into an average blood sugar of 175! I still can't believe it. We haven't seen these numbers since going on the pump in December. We have been working so hard to get back on track and finally our hard work is paying off! Our Endo was just as thrilled as we were and told us not to change a thing, that we were doing everything exactly the way it needed to be done.
Success is a double edged sword in this life. You are excited for the moment but then quickly realize that the battle begins again tomorrow. Success today doesn't always mean success tomorrow, but we know that we are learning and growing and are on the right track to successful management of T1D.
We will continue working hard and doing our best, and hopefully that will continue to show in our A1C "report cards".
So for now, we celebrate our little victory and always have in the back of our heads
-Until next time :)

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