Tuesday, August 5, 2014

You don't know what you've got until......it's gone!

Last night I had the LONGEST night. Not because blood sugars weren't cooperating, but because for the first time in 8 months I had no CGM to rely on!

Joseph's sensor failed on his CGM late last night after we were leaving the golf tournament that my husband's company was putting on (that's a different post) of course J then fell asleep in the car. We decided that we would just try and re-start the sensor and pray that it would start working again so that we didn't have to wake him up and put him through a site change.


The sensor worked for two readings and then went Kaput!

9:15pm Blood Sugar Check #1- 232
We decided not to give a correction for the high because he had a lot of exercise and we were battling lows all day

9:52pm Blood Sugar Check #2 -234
same as above

11:30pm Blood Sugar Check #3 -171
Starting to feel a little worried that he was starting to drop low

1:12am Blood Sugar Check #4 -112
Knowing how his blood sugar typically starts to have a steady downward trend, I gave him a juice box and decreased his basal by 15% for the rest of the morning.

2:36am Blood Sugar Check #5- 216
Finally felt like I could get some sleep

3:38am Blood Sugar Check #6- 227
Starting to worry that he was going to go too high and need a correction

7:49am Blood Sugar Check #7- 238
Hope was alerting, but I knew that he would be waking soon and we would give him the correction and change his Dexcom Sensor at that time.

9:21am Blood Sugar Check #8- 167
Thank Goodness we didn't do any corrections!

You never realize how dependent you become on something, until it is gone. This medical device gives us invaluable information. Although not always accurate, it gives you a unique look into what his body is doing and how quickly it is doing it and so much more peace of mind during the dreaded nights!

I LOVE YOU DEXCOM!!! End of Story ;)

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